This can’t be that hard. Unlocking my mind for 20 minutes has required at least twice that long just to sit still and put hands on keyboard. So here I am and this will happen. I will learn WordPress — that won’t be my excuse.
“Write. Write. Write.”
While I’ve floundered about, despairing over this last birthday and my sudden mortality, this has been the constant advice from those who know me best. Write. Why should this be so hard? I write stories and narratives instead of texts and messages. Wherever there is an audience, I write more than the situation allows. I cannot stop myself.

Until it comes to this. Unlocking the mind. My mind is brimming over, spilling out and away until wrapping itself around the minutae of these days. These endless boring days of waiting. Waiting to write. Waiting for the perfect moment to sit down with my journals or my photos, whether to elaborate or edit. Waiting for whatever-it-is that will happen after this.
This is the place I call my “halfway house.” Halfway was always meant to imply an in-between area, the space between that part of my life and the next. It did not occur to me that I wouldn’t know what to do next.

***** Now I am sitting half asleep in bed to finish this and publish. I’ve decided that I will publish each day to maintain accountability with myself and to learn (learn!!!) WordPress finally.


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